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How to Clear Browser History

How to Clear Browser History

You can use Browser History Removal softwares which can totally clear your browser history. That is if you have saved enough money. But, if you are cost-cutting, you have the option to manually remove your browser history in a very short time, and without installing any software.

There are different web browsers that are being used by computer owners, and not all of them have the same procedure in deleting the browser history. So here are the steps on how to clear browser history of various browsers.

For Firefox 2 users, here’s how you can clear your browser history:

1.Choose Tools in the menu bar.
2.Go to Options.
3.Choose Privacy and then click the button that says Clear Now.
4.If you see the Clear Private Data dialogue box, make sure that the Browsing history is checked.
5.Click the Private Data Now.
6.Finally, click OK button.

, for Firefox 1.5 users:

1.Go to Tools.
2.Go for Options.
3.Opt for Privacy
4.Launch the History tab.
5.Hit the Clear Browsing history now button.
6.Press or click OK.

For Internet Explorer 7 and 8 users:

1.Open Internet Explorer.
2.Click on Tools on the menu bar.
3.Go for Internet Options.
4.As a new window appear, click the General tab.
5.Click Delete in the Browsing History section.
6.After all the histories are removed, close it, and then click the OK button.

For Internet Explorer 5 and 6 users:

1.Open Internet Explorer
2.Go to Tools on the menu bar.
3.On the General tab, click on the Clear History button.
4.Lastly, click OK button.

for Opera web browser:

1.In the menu bar, select Edit, then go to Preferences.
2.Opt for Navigator.
3.Choose Clear History, and then hit OK.

for Netscape web browser:

1.Start by selecting Edit and go to Preferences section.
2.Choose Navigator below the list of Category.
3.Go for Clear History. You can see it in History section.
4.Select OK to remove the browser history.

For users of Mozilla web browser:

1.Click on Edit on the menu bar, and then go to Preferences.
2.Go to Navigator which is right below the Category list.
3.In the History section, choose Clear History, and then click OK.

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