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Eat fish and exposure to the sun stimulates the brain

Eat fish and exposure to the sun stimulates the brain

Researchers said the belief was prevalent between British mothers the fact that the fish brain food, and said that eating fish and exposure to sunlight bolster the mental awareness amongst the people.

And Scientists in Britain and several European countries, a comparison among mental performance for more than three thousand men, aged among 40 and 79 years, some eat fish, exposed to the sun regularly and others do not.

In this context, "said Dr. David Lee of the School of Medicine in Manchester that the people who participated in the study and the level of vitamin (d) are high due to eating foods such as fish and other lubricated and subjected the sun was aware of their scores on tests of mental higher than those of their counterparts who were not exposed to radiation the sun or did not eat foods that contain this vitamin.

Lee added that previous studies on the relationship among vitamin (d) and mental performance in adults showed a correlation between them, but we now know that there is a strong relationship between the slow processing of information received by the person and the low level of vitamin (d) has. "

And saw me in the study published in the Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgeon and psychoanalysis, the main points in this powerful study is focused on a large sample of people and put them also into account factors such as frustration and
physical activity level and so on.


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