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Green Zone: A film that simulates reality in the Iraq war

Green Zone: A film that simulates reality in the Iraq war

Not makers of Green Zone or "Green Zone" to find the time to put their film in cinemas by British and American is better than the last two weeks.

The film coincided with the seventh anniversary of the invasion of Iraq and the Iraqi parliamentary elections, which made part of publicity for the subject of the film strongly present in all the news.

Film inspired by a book of U.S. journalist Rajiv Handraskran Indian origin, which is titled "Imperial Life in the Emerald City".

Did not take the film from the book only precise description of the Green Zone and the enormous difference between the prosperity enjoyed by the residents within the fortified area and the American soldiers who were patrolling in the Iraqi capital.

Contrary to what was suggested by promotional advertising for the film, and who is portrayed as one of the movies, الاكشن taken from Iraq to the scene, came the story of this film to deal with a file search for weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, which was the major justification for the invasion of coalition forces in Iraq in 2003 seven years ago .

But the film also addressed the decision to disband the Iraqi army, which adopted the interim governing authority of America in the wake of the fall of Saddam, who made a significant portion of its soldiers and officers are turning to the formation of armed militias and resistance to U.S. forces.

Aldramytan these cases, the failure to find weapons of mass destruction and solve the Iraqi army, Lead cent and fifteen minutes it takes to film.

But besides these two axes are the string drama on the use of media as a tool to enter the war, and the absence of some of the media information that was given to them on the file of weapons of mass destruction.

Although the drama of the three threads are the concept of commercial American cinema, heavy on the viewer, the strong emphasis in the story and intelligent script and the installation of the speed of the dialogue made the film a coherent and interesting of the questions that revolve around the question of the invasion of Iraq.
Greengrass, a touch of realism

Film, directed by Briton Paul Greengrass distinguish Blmsth realism, which are known in the film (Bloody Sunday (2002 which dealt with the incident killed 14 people in Northern Ireland, shot by paratroopers battalion in the British army, where camera phones have been shuttling among the characters and the bus where the atmosphere of tension and expectation in the community soldiers.

This method is also followed in his movie (United 93 (2006, events which took place on civilian aircraft hijacked on atheist ten of September 2001, which crashed in Pennsylvania after passengers resisted the kidnappers.

But the style of mobile imaging in most of the time and sometimes precarious, depending on the fire or explosions, or even charged humanitarian situations, acquired in the film "Green Zone" because of an additional plot of the film.

And interesting to ponder in this film such a direct impact of the film "Lawrence of Arabia" (1962), directed by Sir David Lane, in two scenes.

The first scene of the meeting of Iraqi politicians exile led by Iraqi politician, came to Baghdad aboard a U.S. military plane, referring to the Iraqi politician Ahmad Chalabi.

Peer-to-Lawrence in this movie is a U.S. official in the authority of government, American actor, played by Craig Kinnear, which resembles in form the President of this power at the time Paul Bremer.

The second scene is the scene where we see the end, a platoon commander of U.S. troops as he boarded a U.S. military vehicle moving toward the Iraqi desert in a military convoy, in order to secure oil installations.

Simulates the scenery of the end of this scene in the film Lawrence of Arabia when Lawrence despair of the task of reforming the state established by the Army of the Great Arab Revolt, Vistql military vehicles moving in the Syrian desert in the opposite direction on a military convoy.
Champion "House of Saddam" present

Iraqi general to play a role in this film the Israeli representative of Iraqi descent Yigal Naor, who had played the role of President Saddam Hussein in the television series "House of Saddam."

In playing the role of U.S. soldier by U.S. actor Matt Damon in the third of his collaboration with Greengrass After their cooperation together in the last two parts of a trilogy of action films, which revolve around the former agent of U.S. intelligence Jason Burin.

The excellent performance of haemophilia diligence and constipation keys personal officer close to Saddam, with all their prestige remained scary. With Matt Damon discriminate control keys on a personal soldier who was in bitterness because of lying in the main reason for going to war.

And formed the filming locations in Morocco, a hero to the heroes of a parallel film, where film makers could during filming there to emulate the airspace of the Iraqi capital to a large extent and to bring the viewer the details of that period very carefully.

Seven years after the invasion of Iraq, it seems this film Ktalegp launched by the film's director on the American administration that was behind the bloodiest war in the first decade of the second millennium. A war that will be a modern Hollywood for years to come to will occupy a place alongside the World War II films and films of the Vietnam War. The debate around it is still present.

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