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ActionScript 3.0 Game.Programming - Que

Tags : Ebooks :: Adobe Flash Ebooks

ActionScript 3.0 Game.Programming - Que (8 MB)

Gary Rosenzweig's ActionScript 3.0 Game Programming University shows you how to use ActionScript, the programming language behind Flash CS3 Professional. The lessons teach you all the basics of ActionScript programming through game examples, but the code can be easily adapted to non-game-oriented projects, such as web training and advertising. Written by a real-world Flash developer, this book presents you with the source code of 16 complete games and lays the foundation for you to create your own games. Gary also provides a companion website -, which contains files, updates, new content, Gary's blog and much more.

Table of Contents

Introduction 1

1. Using Flash and ActionScript 3.0 7

2. ActionScript Game Elements 41

3. Basic Game Framework: A Matching Game 83

4. Brain Games: Memory and Deduction 121

5. Game Animation: Shooting and Bouncing Games 155

6. Picture Puzzles: Sliding and Jigsaw 195

7. Direction and Movement: Space Rocks 227

8. Casual Games: Match Three 267

9. Word Games: Hangman and Word Search 297

10. Questions and Answers: Trivia and Quiz Games 327

11. Action Games: Platform Games 361

12. Game Worlds: Driving and Exploration Game 393

Index 429



Tags : Ebooks :: Adobe Flash Ebooks

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