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Chiseling & Carving Text - photoshop tutorial

Chiseling & Carving Text - photoshop tutorial

I'll start by saying just how VERY simple this effect really is. And no, that's not an insult to those of you that
can't figure out what needs to be done to pull off this effect. It's a point i'm making that with a little creative
thinking, and some general knowledge of Photoshop's vast abilities, this kind of effect, or any other kind, can
be figured out in a very short time.
Why this effect is special... (please excuse my vanity) ;)
The Alpha Channel creating technique i'm about to show you (which is what makes the effect work) is an
original method i figured out. I have yet to see this technique anywhere else, on the Web or in a book; so if it's
out there, someone's hiding it!. Its overall usefulness stretches far beyond this simple chiseling effect. I
originally created it for use with my Vector art programs, as a way of creating better looking gradients after
they were optimized.
Keep that in mind after you see how to do it.
And i'm proud to share it with everyone here! ;?)>

Download HERE


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