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Learn CSS Basics (Video Training )

Learn CSS Basics (Video Training )

Learn CSS Basics 2011
Learn CSS Basics 2011
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Whether you are completely new to CSS or you are just trying to master the basics, Janine’s crash course will get you up to speed quickly.
Learn when to use internal vs. external style sheets, the best uses for the various selector types, and how the basics of CSS are the same for everything from WordPress blogs to Dreamweaver web sites.
Learn CSS Basics 2011

Introduction (02:11)
Understanding CSS (10:13)
Editing CSS in Dreamweaver (09:46)
Comparing Internal, External, and Inline Styles (11:39)
Creating Styles with the Class Selector (12:34)
Creating Styles with the ID Selector (12:47)
Creating Styles with the Tag (or Element) Selector (10:42)
Combining Style Rules to Create Compound Styles (13:51)
Creating Styles for Links (13:25)
Using Floats to Align Elements (09:12)
Inserting Divs and Centering a CSS Layout (05:49)
Editing Dreamweaver CSS Layouts (12:33)
Conclusion (00:35)
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