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Achilles tendon injury, Beckham denied participation in the World Cup

Achilles tendon injury, Beckham denied participation in the World Cup

Is almost certain to miss midfielder David Beckham to participate in the next World Cup in South Africa to loose his dream to become the first England player to take part in four World Cups.

Beckham injured Achilles tendon during a match against AC Milan Kivu, which ended in victory for Milan with a view of nothing.

Instead of Beckham to join the list of his team will fly to Finland on Monday, to be presented to a specialist surgeon.

Beckham, who had moved to Milan on loan from Los Angeles Galaxy to draw the attention of coach Fabio Capello for England, who was called to the squad.

He told the doctor consultant Tom Crisp, told BBC Radio 5 Live, saying "It can be performed by running, within three months, but the prospects for the game clove the England non-existent."

For his part, Vice President of AC Milan Adriano Galliani said that Beckham will be out for between 5 and 6 months.

He added Galliani said: "I saw the suffering in the dressing room but I told him if you want, it will be with us in the next year."

He said Milan coach Leonardo "injury Beckham Ocaratna very upset and the player knew immediately that he was wounded in the Achilles tendon."

"It's an extraordinary player and proved it again during the match today, I cannot enjoy and celebrate this evening after winning Beckham serious injury."

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