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Paula Abdul withdraw from the program "American Idol"

Paula Abdul withdraw from the program "American Idol"

Alent singer Paula Abdul, a member of the jury in the program American Idol withdrawal from the program after their participation in it for eight years.

The announcement by Abdul, aged 47 years, its decision in the Twitter website where she said "all the sadness in my heart, I decided not to return to the program."

Did not provide any justification for its action, which ended speculation about negotiations to renew the contract.

He announced Tuesday that songwriter Kara Diojardi will return to the jury in the program with Simon Cowell and Randy Jackson.
Great talent

The Fox News that it is sad not return to display Abdul was an important member of the family of the program during the eight seasons.

"And if Paula will not finish with us, the matter which is no doubt that it was a great talent and we wish her the best."

Abdul's future uncertain with the program since the end of the last rings last May, has stated last month that he had asked them to stay in the program and it is optimistic about the new contract.

Despite the decline in rates seen, the American Idol is still the most popular programs in the United States, where 26.3 million people watched.

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