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China's first helicopter, a huge pass tests successfully

China's first helicopter, a huge pass tests successfully

Completed the first civilian helicopter produced by the huge Chinese factories maiden voyage in Gejsiden Jdzisanci in the province east of the country.

The tonnage of the aircraft (AC313) produced by the Chinese company, Aerospace Industries (AVIC) of about 13 tons or 27 passengers.

The new plane is designed for use in air rescue missions in earthquakes, hurricanes and other natural disasters.

The latest breakthrough achieved by the Chinese aircraft industry ambition.

Beijing has turned up in the coarse of the Singapore aircraft, which was held last month for a plane (Comac C919) passenger jet, designed to compete with two Boeing 737 and Airbus 320. It is hoped that the aircraft will enters service in China in 2016.

The range of the AC313 gunships more than 900 kilometers.

The newspaper China Daily that the first flight by the new helicopter is a "leap in the field of aviation technology in China."

Hatem Salah

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