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Success of the first transplant windpipe of a child in Britain

Success of the first transplant windpipe of a child in Britain

Became a British boy at the age of ten years of their first child has grown windpipe developer of stem cells in an operation that lasted nine hours in the Great Mormon Street Hospital for Children in London.

Doctors hope that the use of the patient's own tissue in the manufacture of the transplanted organ may reduce the risk of the body rejecting it.

It was the first surgery for windpipe is made of tissue held in Spain in 2008, but the amount of tissue is less.

Doctors say the boy is recovering well and breathing normally, and was suffering from a rare disease called congenital narrow trachea born infected by the air Baksbp very narrow.

The trachea of the patient is a boy at birth from the narrow so as not to exceed one millimeter in diameter.

The doctors had carried out an operation by the expansion of the trachea, but he suffered in November last year from complications resulting from the erosion of metal pillar in his windpipe.

To his makeshift windpipe, doctors got windpipe from a donor and they evacuated completely from epithelial cells and kept only on the structure of collagen and injected the stem cells taken from bone marrow boy.

And was a member of the transplant patient's body, and doctors hoped that in the next month will begin stem cells in the transition to specialized cells to be the fabric of the trachea from home and abroad.

Two years ago, Claudia Castillo, aged 30 years, the first person planting a plant member of the stem cells.

It was part of the plant Qsptha air after taking a hit from a bird severe tuberculosis.

Surgery is the last significant progress in this new domain, because it is the first time in which they are planted windpipe synthetic tissue completely.

In addition, if the doctors Castillo farming laboratory stem cells, either in the surgical treatment in Britain ran the trachea from a donor group of chemical compounds act on the growth of stem cells into new tissue within the body.

And Percol said Professor Martin, of University Bancorp College London and one of the surgery, the surgery was "a real turning point."

He said: "It's the first time it receives a child is a member of the treatment plant stem cells and those longer windpipe being lied."

He added: "I think that method will makes the transplant of stem cells made from is not limited to highly specialized hospitals only."

He said there is a need for further tests to make sure that the way effective, but the team is also thinking about planting other organs such as the esophagus.

Said Professor Anthony Hollander, a professor of rheumatology and tissue engineering at the University of Bristol: "feature of the new method could be used quickly and cost less, so that if successful, could be provided to a larger number of patients at low cost."

But he said the prospects are less uncertain than those of the laboratory cultured there was no sufficient control over the quality of stem cells used and the time is short among the cell transplantation in the temple and the laying of a member of the body.


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