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Is the time of ruin?

Is the time of ruin?

They say: "The name of each share," It seems that as far as God will makes this investigator on the Jewish state, and it would ruin it is doomed next year, and this will accelerates the called (the synagogue destruction) to be launched near the Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem.

These procedures and the Zionist Jewish Talmudic terror taking place in Jerusalem, an indication of the fear that effects Jews of awareness that their actions will not go peacefully, and that it will confront greater resistance by the Muslims and Christians in Jerusalem, because the Zionist occupation, if he managed to do what the Islamic sanctities and the pursuit the destruction of Jerusalem, building the so-called alleged temple, the next step is the Christian holy cites; because the Jews do not believe in life with others; because they believe in without Jews is a slave forced to serve God, and that humanity without Jews created by the Lord evens used by the Jews or kill them.

Jews are racists by nature, and makeup are suffering from inferiority complex, they can not live only in the ghettos, not only fighting from behind the walls, or fortified villages, this is what we find them in Palestine, expelled its people and looted their homes and land, and robbed the heritage of Muslims and their holy places, and mosques , and transformed them into places that are not worthy of it; but truly reflect on the Jews, and hatred against everything non-Jewish, and God Almighty says, right: "For most people find their enmity for those who believe the Jews and Pagans, and find the nearest in affection to those who believe Christians who say, however, that them are priests and monks and they are not proud "Round (82), and God says in the Jews:" I do not fight you, but all in fortified villages or from behind walls, including shares of highly mistaken and all their hearts that they were various people who do not understand? "The Gathering (14).

If this is the case with the Jews and the nature by which they are made, and confirmed by God in His Holy Book, where the best nation raised for people? Is not the ummah of Muhammad (peace be upon him) is the best nation raised up for people? True to the words of God Almighty: "You are the best nation raised up for people Propagation of Virtue and forbidding what is evil, and believe in God .." Al-Imran (110), O the best nation raised up for the people, you who Propagation of Virtue, and forbidding what is evil, what would you do with the basest of the nation? What will you do Stultifies including religion, and violates the Mekdsatkm, and kill your brothers, what are you going to do? The ascension of Rcolkm subjected to desecration, and fraud, theft, and destruction? Is Stthrcn mobility to do it? Today, Jews put the first lies "synagogue ruin", you will stay silent you are unable to act due to you, and the Far East is threatened with destruction? Or Stholon the case to the Security Council you Arabs as your university, "said Amin Amr Moussa? Is this the solution? Since when Incefkm Crusaders Zionists? The Palestinian cause for more than 60 years, which is on the table of the United Nations and its institutions, did not move a finger, is going to move today is? You Thelodhun silence, and shame Tlthvon, and Tnamun in the arms of prostitution?

Screaming and Jerusalem since a long time, and we scream, shout, and we will even hear your ears, endocrine, and even hear an outcry and condemnation, and bowing to the Zionists, and embraced, and sit with them, and open to vandalizing your territory, where Nkhup Mu'tasim you? Osamatm what Netanyahu says that you open your homes to him, and your country, and Tamdoon a red carpet after you allow Abbas to negotiate with him and his gang of Palestine and Jerusalem? The settlement will continue to be in Jerusalem, heck you what Oqubgm, what Ohonkm, Haya moved, and tried to Tsnawa something you deserve if you belong with this religion.

O Muslims, if this case Nizkm and your leadership, so would you like them? I do not think so, Rise to them, go out and expressing your anger, you will not die the same, but if expired, we are reassured that Jerusalem will remain the Islamic and the Palestine Islamic will, but we want to share with us this day and Tsahmun us in the rush, not to stand idly by waiting it of this leader or that leader, I do not think that this could happen under them.

As for you, our people in Jerusalem and in all Palestine, do not stop to address the Jews, and cunning and guile, stay on Rabatkm and having hit on, and wait to take your hands one in the near future; but rest assured this will not continue the case, as you lead this nation, stay on Rabatkm, and your defense of Qdskm, and Mekdsatkm, and Palestine Islamic Waqf land, and afraid to death, or starve to death, or in prison, you are victorious, God willing.

Hatem Salah


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