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Netanyahu, Obama: storm in a teacup

Netanyahu, Obama: storm in a teacup

Be regarded as Hillary Clinton to announce "The Israeli government" building 1600 residential units in one settlement north of Jerusalem during the visit of Joseph Biden for Vice President (Tel Aviv) "an insult" to the United States, this is beautiful, but a belated recognition after a long series abuses and insults (Israeli) lasting for more than 60 years, ever since the (Israel) at the expense of Arab land in Palestine.

Rebuke Mrs. Clinton to Netanyahu in the call from the telephone, which lasted 40 minutes is not enough, since they are followed by practical steps on the ground, punitive, because "the Israeli politicians" used to such calls angry, and they know very well that it quickly evaporate and the water returns to normal, and more power and rigidity.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu "Israel", which always claimed that he understood the United States more than others, and speaks American-accented English, defied President Barack Obama, does not refrain from mocking him and his administration, because he considers himself the strongest, because of the support the "Jewish lobby" him, and his control of the entire the decision-making centers in the U.S. ruling establishment.

Administration to reconsider the current American and shameful manner, its demands for a freeze of settlements in the occupied territories, including Jerusalem, before returning to the negotiating table, who encouraged Netanyahu and his right-wing extremist, to provoke this administration to announce the building of more settlements in the occupied West Bank and Jerusalem.

President Obama, after this slap from Netanyahu, claims that the account is for himself first and second administration, the peace process, thirdly, it must address such "Israeli arrogance" in the way it deals with is Iran, through the pursuit of a resolution by the Security Council imposing tougher economic sanctions.

When Obama makes the landing (Israel), leaders and settlers out of their current status as a state above international laws and norms, and increase immunity for their crimes the U.S. military, diplomatic, his administration will gain a lot of credibility in the Arab and Islamic worlds, and even the whole world.

We do not believe that President Obama, who missed a year of age of his administration and he turns a blind eye to "Israeli crimes" in the occupied territories, and turn the pressure to the Palestinian side weak to force him to return to the indirect negotiations are doomed to failure in advance, do not believe he would do more than protest and blame for to his allies the Israelis, Vaibh Biden has announced that the Zionist patriot, Netanyahu's response to the provocations of him, and to abort his emphasis on the depth of the relationship, "Israeli-American," and Washington's commitment to the "Israeli security" without any reservation.

President Obama as weak on the Jewish lobby, as well as for most other European officials, and this artificial weakness, in our view, reflects the vision to look at the duplication of ethical standards and double dealing with the issues of the Arab region, leading ultimately to raise the tension between the West and the Arabs and the rise of the waves of extremism and the persistence of the phenomenon of the growing hatred.

It is regrettable that the Arab weakness, and helplessness when most Arab leaders, if not all, would encourage them not to challenge the pro-Jewish lobby for (Israel), as encouraged Netanyahu and the "Jewish extremists" to proceed with the pillage of land and Judaizing sanctuaries, and the demolition of Al-Aqsa Mosque and build the Temple of Solomon on the ruins.

Hatem Salah


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