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U.S. apologizes to Libya

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U.S. apologizes to Libya

The United States apologized Tuesday for what they considered to Libya Tripoli earlier sarcastic comments offended the Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi on his call for jihad against Switzerland.

He said State Department spokesman, David Crowley, who made the remarks to reporters, "I understand that my comments personnel personnel understanding of an attack on the president."

He added that "These comments do not reflect U.S. policy was not intended to insult .. I apologize if I understood this way."

Revealed that they would send the U.S. State Jeffrey Feltman, Assistant Secretary of State to Tripoli in the coming weeks to hold consultations with Libyan officials.

The Crowley said with a smile when he told journalists, commenting on the call for jihad against the Gaddafi Switzerland, "said Gaddafi's call his speech (Gaddafi) to the General Assembly in September last year, which took about a hour and a half hours .. a lot of words, paper fly is not necessarily words carries a meaning. "

Recalled to Libya after the U.S. Charge daffiest in Tripoli and delivered a formal protest to that statement, also warned of "negative affects" on the activities of American oil companies operating in their territory.

Gaddafi called Benghazi in the Prophet's birthday to declare holy war on Switzerland, "the infidel, promiscuous" because of the referendum that endorsed a ban on the construction of minarets, which was followed by a letter a few days later announced the imposition of economic embargo and a total trade in Switzerland.

The problem started in the Libyan Swiss in July 2008 when police arrested in Geneva, a son of Gaddafi relative to charges of mistreating two domestic employees, and the charges were dropped later.

And the difference widened to include most the European Union lasts month after Libya halted issuing visas to citizens of the Schengen area in response to restrictions on the Swiss grant senior Libyan officials visas.

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