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What's Alexa Toolbar?

What's Alexa Toolbar?

Alexa Toolbar is light and size is loaded into the browser and the inherent benefits as follows:

1: prevents tire annoying.
2: blocks pop-up pages.
3: shows you the order of the site you're visiting.
4: shows you the sites similar to the site you're visiting.
5: shows you all the information the site you're visiting.

How to download it?

If your browser Internet Explorer click on the link below

Please be sure to add this link above for a list of trusted sites in your anti-virus
Especially for users of Casper, and extinguish the software includes the run-time. (For IE users only)

There is a new mechanism to distinguish members living Toll Bar Traffic and work hard for the work of a special group of members who have the Traffic Toll Bar and will have special features will be announced later.

For users of FireFox process takes only 30 seconds and without the need to close the antivirus.

Go to link: Alexa - Alexa Toolbar

Then click on:

And enjoy the wonderful statistics and features


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