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The four principals of success

The four principals of success

We are all looking for reasons for success and we all believed to be difficult. Some are born and others are trying to acquire. The dream can come true for both parties in the end, but the first is running smoothly and easily, and the second effort and much discipline .. The difference between the successful inherently (and tries to success) the difference between the old and graceful destroy itself (Bargain) to become as well. The first natural result of the environment and good conditions and II "fighter" understands more than anyone else the difficulty of achievement and the importance of sacrifice .. Weather you are successful Babe (or strive for success) you should note that successful people have is one of the greatest principles of success. These principles differ in importance depending on the objective pursued by. But one can says that there are (four principles) is difficult to achieve any goal without:

The first principle: the commitment to the program and a clear and deliberate plan.
.. If that is not committed to the program and clear (to goal), there would never arrive. Your goal should be determined first and then draw the right plan and the expected timing for implementation. Should be asked as much of the solutions then take the best and closest to reality .. The difference between successful and unsuccessful that I thought was moving towards the goal is known, while the second random walk without the commitment and ambitious plan, no (Is he who walks heap on his face gave the security of walking together on a straight Srat)!

The second principle: Manage your time and do not succumb to random.
.. Time management is part of the personal commitment of the former, we are all suffering from lack of time and lack of opportunities, but the truth is that most of us live in a random Vinhei day without a real achievement .. Imagine if carved out of every day, just one hour .. It is this time carved out 30 minutes to save the Koran, and ten minutes to save up to date, and ten minutes to save the five words Ingelezip, and ten minutes to save the five words France .. Adhered to this plan will come stamped on the Koran and master two foreign languages and maintain a tremendous amount of hadith (Remember that it is just an hour)!

The third principle: the exploitation of opportunities and prepare for them.
.. Every human being is born and with it the balance of certain opportunities. Some people exploit well and most them evade simply because they were surprised by, so did you get that opportunity and I felt the desire to escape the wild, know as the moment adventure and tenacity self .. Not only this, but must be prepared in advance and prepare yourself for surprises, for example, before the President called me a tourist magazines and asked me to write to them. Then I felt a desire to apologize, but I (Aandt myself) and accepted the challenge. Following the approval of said to me "we will leave you a week to give us the first article." But that ended the call until I sent him seven articles by fax .. Do you know how I came by? .. I was prepared to offer like (and Rafe on the side) a collection of essays tourist!!

The fourth principle: self-confidence and reliance on the Creator!
.. It is natural to fail many times, but should not effect you trust yourself, an initial test failure (and necessary) to make a successful combination, but the problem that most people pull out of the first test run and barely a second. You must have determination and confidence, nothing stands inhibitory Tjtr ideas .. On the contrary, you should expect the emergence of obstacles and jealous and adverse conditions .. When your strength a little moo honestly remember that "what God was, and did not want not"

Hatem Salah

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